falling in love with baby

baby-sleeping-grayFalling In Love With Baby is the perfect gift for all new parents and a must have baby item if you are expecting. 

Falling In Love With Baby is a personal, practical and beautifully presented keepsake journal. It encourages parents to follow their own parental instincts and to listen to baby’s cues.

 Falling In Love with Baby is helping hundreds of parents adapt to life with a newborn baby. 

  • Helps parents to identify their baby's unique feeding and sleeping patterns.
  • Provides a detailed record of baby's wellbeing
  • Gives parents confidence and reassurance.
  • Provides order during the chaotic initiation into parenthood. 
  • Offers many helpful tips and entertaining anecdotes from other parents.
  • Incredibly useful when visiting the maternal and child health nurse/midwife or doctor.
  • Is a beautiful keepsake of a very precious and short time.

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“Your book has been a life saver. Thank you,” Ruby

“This will be a beautiful gift to give my little girl when she is grown up. What a beautiful keepsake to remember my little one’s first months. And so helpful.” Jess

“Falling In Love With Baby was the only thing that made sense in these first 6 weeks. It gave me the confidence I needed, to believe I was doing the right thing for my precious new baby. It really helped me feel less overwhelmed. Thank goodness a friend insisted I pack it in my hospital bag. Now I buy one for all my pregnant friends.” Sarah

"This book made me feel as though we were on track. It was also something I could do for baby when my wife was feeding." Jake




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